Shoes Obession Part Three.

These are my prized Geraldine Saglio Prada anke boots. My mom picked them up and I knew that it was a start of a wonderful friendship. The patten  leather is so shiny. I think they are just lovely. Oh and I have a funny story to tell. I went to Saks Fifth Avenue and my mom asked where the Marc by Marc Jacobs section was located and the sales person said they no longer carried Marc by Marc Jacobs. So I went in a fitting room to try this dress on and guess what I found in the fitting room? A Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater dress. My mom was amazed that I could spot that right when I got into the fitting room.

Oh and I have decided to stop translating because I feel like my translations are just terrible. Though I will put up those automatic ones because I think they do better job than I can ever do. haha. Hope you don't mind or should I keep translating?


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